TrashKilla. Universal Garbage Pick Up Tool

The objective of the invention

Problem: limitation of single pick up tools

  • One of the difficulties in litter removal is that litter differs greatly by type and location.
  • For better quality and lower costs, different tools may be required to collect it – either by using sweeping or pick up tools or by bending at the waste. Carrying several tools is cumbersome and not practical.
  • Currently, most of the cleaning tools are single units that have advantages over the other for different littering situations. However, neither of them can sweep and pick up litter.

Solution: All-in-one pickup tool

  • The Trashkilla cuts time and cost of litter pickup, especially on heavily-littered areas.
  • Thanks to the ability to sweep and pick up litter, Trashkilla improves quality.
  • Trashkilla solves the problem of having to carry around an unwieldy amount of tools.
  • Eliminates the need for buying extra tools.
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